The Cluny, Newcastle – Jan 2020 Photo by Victoria Wai

Yes We Can Be is for those who have attended the Yes We Can Learn About The Music Industry session. We will run 12 events introducing young people to each area of the industry hosted, where appropriate, by the relevant trade body for that sectors, otherwise independent organisations who are leaders in their field. 

So, Yes We Can Be an Artist is in partnership with the Featured Artist Coalition, Yes We Can Be a Manager is hosted in partnership with the Music Managers Forum and so on.

Featured Artists CoalitionYes We Can be an Artist
Ivors AcademyYes We Can be a Songwriter
Musicians UnionYes We Can be a Musician
Music Managers ForumYes We Can be a Manager (inc Collecting societies, accountants, lawyers)
Association of Independent PromotersYes We Can be a Promoter inc Merch, Ticketing
Music Publishers AssociationYes We Can be a Publisher
Music Producers GuildYes We Can be an Label (Inc Manufacturer and Distributor)
Association of Independent MusicYes We Can be an Label (Inc Manufacturer and Distributor)
PublicistYes We Can be Music Press (PR’s, Pluggers, Music Journalist, Photographer)
CrewYes We Can be Crew (Inc Equipment, Transport)
AgentYes We Can be an Agent
Venue – The SmokehouseYes We Can run a Venue (inc g’ment/local authority)

Participants will attend each session to build up a broad understanding of the wider industry. 

Duration: 90 mins per session
Cost: Free
Events: Coming soon