Newcastle, Trillians Rock Bar

Trillians Rock Bar is Newcastle’s best kept secret! After a strange couple of years Trillians is now back with a bang!

Trillians sound engineer of 23 years Dave Hills, and former customer Barbara Blair, have taken the reigns.

A cellar bar hidden away in Princess Square, just opposite the city’s main library, Trillians is famed across the land for it’s great atmosphere and varied live shows throughout the year. With regular Rock, Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Reggae, Glam and many other shows you can guarantee an eclectic mix on the Gig Guide.

“I was the sound engineer at Trillians for 23 years and it had always been my dream to run the place” said Dave.

“So when the last lot left I put a shout out as I knew I couldn’t do it by myself and I had a message back from Barbara, who’d drunk in the bar for years and who shared the passion for it that I have as well.”

“The key thing is to get that community feel back. People do have strong feelings about the place and we want to put it back to being a proper rock bar – how it’s meant to be.”

“We’ll get all kinds of waifs and strays who aren’t accepted in other bars, but Trillians always was about that community. People feel safe coming in here. They feel like they belong.”

A great range of beers, lagers, ciders, spirits and more can be found behind Trillians iconic bar featuring inlaid albums from legendary artists. It’s got to be seen.