Glasgow, The Dam


106-108 Brunswick St, Merchant City, Glasgow, G1 1TF | Venue Cap. 100 | Website

A bar with a basement music and club space, The Dam opened on Brunswick Street towards the end of January 2019. A venue that is part of the Brunswick Hotel, in the heart of the Merchant City, and is the latest offering from the team behind Saint Luke’s and the Winged Ox. Whiskies, beers, a few party drinks, good tunes and a healthy dose of Rock’n’Roll is The Dam vibe. Unfussy and inspired by too many late nights in too many dive bars around the world, we’re a bit rough round the edges… and that’s just how we like it. If you’re after healthy options, then let’s face it, you’re probably in the wrong place. If you’re after full-on flavour bombs and you don’t mind the lights being too low for Instagramming the life out of everything, then you should feel right at home.
Freaks, thrill-seekers and lovers of gritty, musical real-ness rejoice! In the bowls of The Amsterdam lurks The Dam Basement, an underground space for gigs, clubs and all manner of wild scenes. Low ceilings, big sounds and a flexible setup equipped with a great sound system and naturally good acoustics to go quickly from basement bar to sold out show, means this cracking wee space is great, not just for us but for you to host own events too. If you’re lucky enough to catch sunshine in Glasgow, sit outside and watch the world go by with a drink in hand.


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