Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete’s


73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW | Venue Cap. 100 | Website

Sneaky Pete’s is the home of new and exciting music in Edinburgh. We have a great standard of production for a venue our size, and we’re rewarded with great responses from audiences and bands alike. Being so small that the band can reach out to the audience, it’s a wonder that the sound is so good. By booking selectively in-house and with our partners PCL, we’ve built a reputation for hosting only the best available touring acts. There is no music policy except that bands have to be excellent. Whether hosting Hip Hop crews, live techno, indie guitar bands, experimental noise acts or soul revues, they wouldn’t be playing here unless they were at the top of their game. It’s become the best spot for a band to break a city, as well as a very special venue for better known acts to put on an intimate show. It’s where the coolest crowds hang out so it’s the best place to make a name. At a time when Edinburgh has fewer quality live music venues than it used to, it’s good to know that Sneaky Pete’s is around to go above and beyond to deliver great concerts, guided by a little eccentricity and a real commitment to putting on the best bands with the best production.

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