Doncaster, Wroot Rocks

Our venue Wroot Rocks since we have started has just grown and grown, and being in such a small village what we do shouldn’t work…. but it really does. I started Wroot Rocks up because I was fed up with not being able to take my kids to live music, so many venues have age restrictions. We all should be encouraging people to bring kids to “Real” live music. Our fan base has just grown and grown over the last year and we have had such artists as:
▪ 3 Daft Monkeys
▪ Gaz Brookfield
▪ Gary Stringer from Reef
▪ Tony Wright from Terrorvision
▪ Miles Hunt
▪ Ferocious Dog
▪ Chris Difford
▪ Tankus the Henge
▪ Ben Ottewell
▪ Chris Helme

  • Able to support someone with other relevant needs.
  • Accessible toilet available.
  • Assistance dogs welcome.
  • Information available online and/or staff available to advise on further support.
  • Personal assistant ticket available.
  • Queue jump available for people that can't stand for long periods of time.
  • Venue all one the floor.
  • Wheelchair accessible and/or venue all on the floor.