Bath, St James’ Wine Vaults

St. James’ Wine Vaults has been a popular music venue in Bath for over 17 years. The much loved venue has two unique performing spaces.

The Gallery, with it’s high ceilings and long Georgian windows, offers a great sounding, small venue with a capacity of 50 guests, when seated. It is becoming an increasingly sought after venue for acoustic nights, theatre productions, film screenings and art exhibitions. All events are run by musicians, artists and community groups from Bath and surrounding areas.

The Cellar is the main venue, in the vaults of the building. It’s reminisce of Liverpool’s legendary 60’s club, The Cavern, it has a capacity of 60 + guests. Local promoters and musicians host music events at least four nights a week. It too has become a much desired space to put on a shows with named touring artists often requesting the venue because of it’s intimate, irresistible charm.

Both venues are offered on a free basis to any group, promoter, band, musician wanting to put on an event. We endorse all forms and genres of music from Jazz to Metal. We work closely with the colleges and universities in the area by encouraging them to showcase their music and art at no cost.

Since 2004, RMT Music have presented a plethora of international artists such as Kelley Stoltz, Robyn Hitchcock, John Bramwell, The Groundhogs, Penelope Isles, Patrick Duff (Strangelove), Eyebrow, Thought Forms, Nick Harper as well as countless local artists.

RMT Music now are the in-house programers and diary keepers of St. James’ Wine Vaults and will be applying for the Arts Council Project Grants: Supporting Grassroots Live Music in order to be able to upgrade both venue’s production possibilities to further expand the venue’s programming.

The Gallery and The Cellar are unusual and unique spaces enjoyed by musicians and guests alike. Our aim to promote and keep live music in our much used and loved venues. With all local promoters and bands we actively help by sharing gigs through our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels, thus ensuring that all bands/musicians get as much exposure as possible.

Music is the best.