Young people from The Warren and Midi Music Company making music at the first ever venn meeting, June 2021

venn is an initiative created by CAN YOU CIC IT in partnership with The Warren (Hull) and The Midi Music Company (Deptford) supported by Youth Music. The initiative brings together two organisations working with young people aged 16-30 from different parts of the country to create and perform new music. 

The aim is for these young people to come together and share their stories and experiences, explore different communities in the UK and find common ground through music. 

The two groups will get together over 4 different weekends (2 each in their home location and 2 visiting the other community’s location) to create new music together to be performed at 2 live shows, one in each location. 

By travelling to different parts of the country, our goal is for young people will grow in confidence, learn more about other communities, increase knowledge and skills around music making and collaboration and forge new and lasting relationships for personal, creative and employment opportunities.

By collaborating in person and online, the project will help young people to understand local cultural challenges in different parts of the country, the impact this has on young people there and the differences with their own situations, as well as the many similarities. This will help to build compassion and understanding which, in turn, will help to build confidence through greater understanding and empathy.

Duration: Approx 6 months
Cost: Free

Events: Next venn will be 2022 – details announced here.