Soundcheck Session

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Soundcheck Sessions bring school/college students (anyone under 18) in to their local live music venues, at a time before a gig starts.

These venues can be seen as the domain of over 18’s and often not somewhere suitable for anyone younger. On the contrary, the venues are vital creative hubs of their local communities and are keen to welcome young people in.

Many venues are constraint by the restrictions placed on them by their licences. Quite frequently, under-18’s are not permitted in a venue from 7pm, or whenever their bar is officially open. 

What Soundcheck Sessions facilitates is a constructive way to circumvent this restriction and introduce young people to the magic of watching live music as well as learning more about the live music industry.

Students from local colleges and schools are invited into the venue, before it is officially open, to watch some or all of the soundcheck of the artist performing that night. They are also given the opportunity to hear from the venue owner/operator, promoter, sound engineer, tour manager and artist about what their jobs involve and more about the general live music industry. 

By introducing students to their local music venue before they are legally able to enter for a gig, collectively we can build excitement about live music, local venues and open them up to the various careers that are available to them, especially at a time when is it becoming far too common that music is being removed from school curriculums.

The venues are also demonstrating their important role in education, young people and the local community. 

Duration; 1 hour
Cost: Free