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Soundcheck Session – Gary Stringer from Reef at Wroot Rocks

Gary Stringer of Reef and some of the young people who took part in the Soundcheck Session © Sam Toolsie 2019 .

We were absolutely delighted to see our first ever Soundcheck Session take place for IVW19, with Gary Stringer of rock band Reef at Doncaster venue Wroot Rocks.

Gary Stringer and other members of his band Reef as well as a member of their crew showed the young people from the local community how they set up and rehearse before a gig. They then performed a few tracks for the young people so they had an opportunity to enjoy some live music in an independent venue.

As well as being able to watch some live music, the students also heard from key people there to learn about the different roles within a live music venue. These included the role of the promoter, venue owner/operator and the sound engineer.  

Not only do the Soundcheck Sessions offer the students the opportunity to go and visit a venue where they may have not been permitted before, they were also able to learn more about the different roles and careers there and experience live music in a small venue setting.  

We’re really proud to have got Soundcheck Sessions off the ground and running in local venues in both Doncaster and Norwich with more to run as the touring and gigging season gets busier throughout February and March.

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