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IVW 2019 Launch Event – Photo by Darren Russell

For people with a disability, music can be a significant opportunity to express themselves as well as be part of a wider community.

We work with a number of different organisations and people through Independent Venue Week and are broadening those relationships to deliver year round activity through our Yes We Can program.

Our partners are leaders in their field and offer expertise in specific areas enabling us to develop key activity with them and their communities, delivered in venues all around the country.

Attitude is Everything

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The Big Jeff Chat – Now Available as a Podcast

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We’re over the moon that you can now take The Big Jeff Chat anywhere with you as a podcast. Over the last year legendary gig-goer Former Independent Venue Week ambassador, avid gig-goer and all round legend Big Jeff has been over on our YouTube channel having a friendly chat with someone he admires from the world of independent music. Over the past 12 months he’s chatted with loads of wonderful people including Nadine Shah, Tim Burgess, Billy Nomates, Jeff Barrett of Heavenly Recordings, T.E.E.D & more.