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Big Jeff’s IVW20 Tour – Day 3

Outside The Leadmill

The next day we all parted in our different directions me and Sybil headed south towards Sheffield.

I decided to see if I could get a cheeky little shout out from Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC6 Music. It’s amazing what can be achieved with a politely written tweet, it can be very persuasive indeed. We passed the Angel of the North that stood out proud – you get pretty close in the car.

We had a chat in the car about last night show with Nadine Shah. You can listen to it below:

Next on the tour was Sheffield and The Leadmill where I was taken on a tour of the venue by Rebecca who is one of the venues managers.

I was taken upstairs where I met the entire production team, including the disability advisor. Not many venues have a disability advisor, but then again not many venues have lasted as long as The Leadmill and this year the venue will be celebrating its 40th anniversary. Over the four decades it hosted so many artists have played in the venue.

Jeff and Rebecca from The Leadmill chatting

I also felt my hairs be pricked on end because I could hear Self Esteem aka Rebecca Lucy Taylor going through soundcheck with a 30-piece choir – it was something really quite special. This was a rare home coming show from Rebecca who had played here numerous amounts of times with her previous band Slow Club.

Jeff and Self Esteem chatting

“The songs of Self Esteem depict the break-up of their relationship. It was her rejuvenated sound boiled into powerful RnB statements of positive pop.”

The show was taking place in the intimate surroundings of the 2nd room and it was the only venue that I visited on the tour that had more than one room that could act as a venue. Support at tonight’s show came from a beautiful artist called Lio.

If you think along the lines of Daughter and Sharron von Etten – beautifully fragile and starkly honest delivery that didn’t sugar coat the songs.

Painting Lio while she performs
My painting of Lio

Self Esteem delivered a beautifully refined set with the addition of the 30-piece choir really lifting the set.

At the end, she came into the crowd with some of the choir and sang I’m Shy – it was incredible.

Self Esteem performing with a choir
My painting of Self Esteem

A short sprint across town and I managed to hit Record Junkee to catch Nerdy guitar pop outfit Indoor Pets. Record Junkee was venue that operated as a record shop during the day and gig venue in the evening. The building itself was formerly a bank, even though it still had a really cosy atmosphere.

Moshing at the front of Indoor Pets’ gig in Record Junkee

After the show we said hello to the bands and I found myself chatting to the man working behind the bar who had seen me at 2000 Trees festival a few times. I purchased an Orchards single. Me and Sybil then made our way to find the apartment where we were staying tonight, and what a flat it was!!

Freezing cold, spine chilling smell of stale smoke and enough fake gold to make you wish you were blind. The flat was full of what I call sci-fi chic. I must admit I didn’t get into my bed, because I was terrified by what potential gold lay beneath the duvet. It also didn’t help putting me at ease hearing people having a full-on argument outside.

I think the thing which terrified me the most about the apartment was the bathroom, which did resemble the setting of a Spandau Ballet video, dripping with horrifying fake gold, even all the paintings on the walls had fake gold. Have a look at the photos below if you don’t believe me!

Laughing at how ridiculous the gold apartment was!
The gold Jeff Lynne’s ELO/Spaceship light
Spandau Ballet bathroom

A big thank you to the lovely folks at Crosstown Concerts for supporting Big Jeff, his blog and his fundraiser.

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