We have worked with Attitude is Everything for around six years through Independent Venue Week, supporting each other on various activities to raise awareness and remove barriers of access for the deaf, disabled and neurodivergent community in grassroots live music venues.

Our most recent partnership focuses around equipping all Independent Venue Week promoters in 2022 with the tools and methods to meet the access requirements of disabled artists. 

It also focuses on developing a new industry standard for promoter liaison with disabled artists. 

The aim is to remove the stigma for disabled artists about sharing what they need to perform without compromising their health or wellbeing by equipped all IVW promoters to engage with disabled artists beyond IVW 2022.

Furthermore, together we will develop a process for the wider industry to adopt guidance and best practice for working with disabled artists at gigs and festivals – rolled out post IVW 2022. 

Duration: Ongoing
Cost: N/A
Events: Coming Soon