CAN YOU CIC IT? is a Community Interest Company delivering a range of music based activities in grassroots music venues during the day, throughout the year, across the country.

Our biggest event is Independent Venue Week, a seven day celebration of grassroots live music venues and their communities, on and off stage, around the UK. 

We are rolling out our new education, development and community program, Yes We Can, bringing various activity into venues during the day, when so many are closed. Yes We Can offers activity from early years through to the older generation.

The initial program will include some of our own activity as well as working with specialist partners. Whilst the program is open to anyone and everyone, we will be prioritising areas around the country with low arts engagement and those people from marginalised groups. 

Seeing this activity taking place in venues feels like such a natural fit. Venues are located at the heart of their communities yet often not opening up until 4pm as bands arrive for their soundcheck ahead of their evening show. 

Our goal is to drive more of this additional activity into venues so they can sustain themselves alongside live music and grow their relationships with other groups in their local community as well as around the country. 

By championing these venues and delivering this activity, we are demonstrating and highlighting why they are cultural hubs for learning, creativity, arts and culture more widely, connecting like-minded people in their local community of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, ethnicities, sexualities, genders, skills and walks of life.